parading our costumes

parading our costumes

For years now we’ve been griping about how our neighborhood really isn’t that great. And, to be honest, it’s not. But it’s getting better. The schools still are nothing to get excited about (which is why I’ll be homeschooling), but everything else is on the up-and-up. Pretty much everything else, anyway. There are lots of people working to improve the neighborhood and there are lots of businesses opening up close by that are trying to do the same. And since it looks like we may be here for longer than we thought (we thought we might try to move to a neighborhood with better schools), we’re happy to start doing our part.

Today, our part was to participate in the Franklin Ave. costume parade. Small, but fun. It started right down the street from our house, so there was no excuse for us to not be in the thick of it. And in the thick of it we were. Simon took it up on himself to not only be front-and-center of the parade, but also to co-opt a horn and honk it every few seconds as we made our way down Franklin Ave. to . . . Candy Rush – a fun little store that sells, you guessed it, CANDY! And ice cream, donuts, waffles, crepes, and pretty much everything that is so bad it’s good.

The boys’ costumes were a hit. I’ll post better pictures later, but as you can see, they were fruit bats. And, as is tradition, Micah and I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning working on them in preparation for today and our ward’s chili cookoff. They were a hit there, too and well worth the effort and sacrifice of sleep.

Little Elsa was the fruit (her costume is a bit more abstract), and Micah and I were the (even more abstract) trees. But we got the important costumes perfect, and that’s what really matters, right?

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  1. Amazing costumes, as usual. I think Elsa’s costume is great too. With infants, it’s more important to sacrifice realism for comfort.

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