pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

Most of the time I love that we don’t have a car. I love that we can get to where we need to go on the train and not worry about parking or street sweeping or tickets or whatever. But it does cramp our style every now and then. Like when we want to leave the city just for a few hours. To pick berries or apples or pumpkins or whatever.

After wringing my hands all week trying to figure out how to get from here to a pumpkin patch all week, things fell together last night. There was a pumpkin patch within walking distance of a Long Island Railroad station. We could get there in just over an hour. So we did. Thank heaven.

It was kind of a chilly day and our little group (Oliver’s pre-school) had the whole farm practically to ourselves. A few animals, a hayride, a playground, pie, pumpkins. Just big enough to be worth the trip. Just small enough to not be overwhelming.

And then we caught the train and came home to pumpkin turkey chili and hot chocolate, feeling refreshed from a few hours away from the city and relieved from not having to drive to do it.


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