the treasury

the treasury

It’s October and so I am very proud of myself for thinking about Christmas already. And even more proud for having already purchased a Christmas gift and started lists for all ya’ll that are getting a gift/gifts from us this year.

BUT, what I actually wanted to tell you is that the gift we purchased (for Miss Elsa) is a book. Signed by the author. And the author is Julie Andrews! And we got to meet her and watch her sign it and tell her our children’s names, which, by the way, she said were lovely.

I tried not to stumble over myself too much trying to be as gracious as she was for the twenty seconds we were in her presence, but I might have failed. I’m sure she didn’t notice. After all, we were just one of hundreds of families who stood in line (in the rain) for an hour so we could get glimpse of Mary Poppins/Maria Von Trapp.

Totally worth it.

(Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures and she did not personalize the signed book . . . . Still, totally worth it.)


3 thoughts on “the treasury

  1. That is so cool! I would totally wait in line in the rain for an hour to see Julie Andrews and get her signature. I just read “Home,” a memoir of her early years, and I now I have an even higher opinion of her (also I had no idea she had starred in My Fair Lady on Broadway, before the Audrey Hepburn movie).

  2. Wow! That is awesome!! Makes me want to watch Mary Poppins. i love her! And way to go thinking about Christmas already! It’ll be here before we know it!

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