I told Elsa this morning that she had two very important jobs for the morning: 1. Be cute. 2. Be quiet.

Today was a special day for her and we didn’t want it to be ruined by anyone saying something like: “Children should be seen and not heard.” Or, worse, “Children should neither be seen nor heard. Especially that one.”

Of course Elsa had no problem with either of those jobs because cute and quiet is her specialty. And so I would say that blessing day went off without a hitch.

Well, except that I knew she was going to either have a blowout or spit up on her dress. It has to happen, you know it does. Even though she rarely spits up and her diapers have been completely manageable for at least a week. And I was right. She did spit up on the dress, but it survived and is no worse for the wear.

And yes, I made the dress. It’s cute, yes, I will admit that. But not as cute as the girl and I made that too.

One thought on “blessed

  1. I love the dress! I wondered if you had made it while I browsed the pictures, but then it was confirmed as I read it. Nice job! She is beautiful and growing up so fast! Glad the blessing day went so well and congrats to Elsa for not having a blowout!

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