back to work

back to work

Micah was offered a job this week and after some negotiating, we decided to take it. He starts next week.

Those are the bare bones of the news.

If you like the fleshy parts of stories, I will tell you this: It’s been 9 months since Micah has been employed in the traditional sense. During that time he was able to work a lot on some personal projects, start his own business, learn a lot about user experience/user interface design, and work for/with some developers for the mobile market.

One of the benefits of having worked with several different companies over the past nine months is that he had the chance to get to know the people he will be working with quite a bit before he actually committed to them. He really likes the people at his new job, which, as you can imagine, is terribly important to him. I am glad he has a high opinion of his boss/co-workers and feels that he can get along well with them.

Our end goal is still to have Micah working from home, but not necessarily as a freelancer. He’d really like to build his own business, develop his own products, and take them to market. At this point, it seems as though the best way to do that is to go back to work full-time, at least for a little while.

We are looking forward to a little bit more structure in our lives. The structure of a predictable paycheck will be nice, of course, but also having a reason to get up at ready in the morning, a definite time to have dinner by, that sort of thing. And we hope that by grouping his 40 hours of work into predictable chunks, he’ll be better able to use his spare time to work on his personal projects.

So that is that. We are both excited and a little bit anxious to see how this goes.

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