first day of joy school

first day of joy school

Simon’s not in school, but Oliver is! Two days a week he’ll go to a friend’s house to learn another letter of the alphabet, sing songs, read stories, move around, and do a craft. Or something like that. He’ll also eat lunch, which means he needs a note from Mom:

His first day went great, although he was really concerned about whether or not other people have bathrooms that he can use, and stools to stand on when he needs to go. He also was very curious about who was going to pick him afterward. (Me, that’s who.)

He came home with a toy ice cream truck that he borrowed. Apparently, borrowing is all the rage at joy school these days. The poor girl who hosted this week had to lend out her best toys to her classmates. But she’ll get her turn to borrow too . . . we’ll be hosting in 4 weeks. Looking forward to it! Kind of!


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