male models

male models

A friend of a friend needed some cute little boys to model her clothing line. And since this has been a semi-serious dream of ours since Simon was born, we decided we should take advantage of the opportunity to achieve the dream and then set it aside.

We took the boys to a casting call last week and after seeing them in front of the camera, we were sure they would not be called back. We had a great time watching them lift up their shirts and fall all over themselves trying to stand still, but we thought they were probably not the right fit for the job.

So we were more than a little surprised when we got called back for the real deal. We took them in yesterday and had a fabulous time. It was awesome to see the boys looking so sharp in really nice looking clothes (even with their shaggy hair).

The photos will be up on the website in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be sure to let it be known when they are, but until then, here’s a bit of a sneak peek:

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  1. Congrats! This looks cool! We have toyed with the idea for my son but, he’s incredibly shy. So, no go right now.

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