elsa’s birth day cake

elsa’s birth day cake

I decided months ago that I wanted to have a Birth Day celebration for the baby when she was born. Having a new baby born right under our roof was definitely something to celebrate, I thought, and since we would all be home together on the day it happened (rather than half of us at the hospital and half with Aunt Abby), we actually could.

So a couple of weeks ago I made a cake. A pink lady (strawberry) cake. And I made some lemon curd to fill it with. We wrapped the cake layers in plastic wrap, then froze the lemon curd in the cake pans so that on the actual birth day, all we had to do was stack it, let it thaw, and frost it.

It worked out perfectly.

And so on the 24th we sang “Happy Birthday” to Elsa and celebrated her arrival with a delicious cake. It made me happy to do something special for the occasion, and to show in some small way how excited we are to have her with us. 

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