bike mechanics

bike mechanics

I took Simon to the library this week while Oliver napped and Micah worked. The boy rode his bike and we planned to do a couple of other errands as well: a trip to the fruit stand a little farther away for some lemons and a stop at the pharmacy. But as we were leaving the library Simon noticed a tack in his front tire. A lady behind us in the checkout line was kind enough to pull it out for him, but as soon as we got out the door, Simon fell off his bike. Which doesn’t happen any more. Unless, of course, the tire is completely flat. The tack did some serious damage.

Simon was pretty sad about it, of course, and we walked the bike home without doing our other errands. And then I patiently waited for Micah to take the lead and fix the tire. Micah, however, was swamped last week. He’s been working feverishly on several projects and has had very little time away from the computer. That meant nothing to Simon, who kept asking for help anyway.

Finally Micah came up with a solution: he’d tell Simon exactly what to do, but he couldn’t leave his work. (I was busy being tired or something.) So Simon and Oliver got to work. Micah did, of course, help them find the right tools, but the two of them followed Micah’s instructions and got the tire off and inner tube out. They pumped it up and found the hole. And then I helped put the patch on. Simon got everything back in place, and Oliver helped screw the bolts back on.

It’s pretty awesome to be able to fix your own bike tire at age 5. Just sayin’.

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