instagramagic lately

instagramagic lately

In summary: These days we’ve been staying cool – indoors and out, playing with other people’s newborns, listening to our hearts via our midwife’s Doppler, riding bikes, eating well, and trying out new eyes.

Further notes: The balloon and balloon paddle in the second picture has been the favorite toy for a solid two weeks – made at a playgroup with two paper plates and paint stirring stick. I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it, but it sure does keep the boys occupied.

One of the many benefits of having a homebirth is that the midwife comes to us, spends an hour, and gets to really know our family. The boys are well practiced in what to do when it’s time to listen to the baby’s heart. Simon gets the gel on the Doppler, they both take turns with the power button, and Oliver knows to get a tissue ready to clean my belly off afterward. And then it’s their turn. Oliver is still a little confused about the difference between having a heart inside of you and having a baby inside of you, but I’m not sure what we can do about that at this point.

The boys could hardly wait to go see their friend’s new little sister who was born on the 4th. She’s a cute little thing and they loved getting a chance to hold her for a few minutes.

I decided after three days of my tasty meals being rejected that I didn’t really ever want to make dinner again, so I made breakfast instead and everyone gobbled it up. Go figure. And now Oliver wants waffles and berries for dinner every night.

We’ve decided that watermelon, good as it is by itself, is even better pureed into lemonade (and also super good tossed with feta and chopped mint – not pictured).

Simon is totally competent on his bike now. It’s been a while since he’s run into anyone and has even mastered the art of slowing down on the downhills. It always makes me so happy to hear people say, “He doesn’t even have training wheels!” when we pass. Chalk one up for the balance bike. And Oliver continues to surprise us with his balling skills. That header may have been an accident, but it was a happy one for sure.

And finally, isn’t Oliver the cutest little subway rider you’ve ever seen? (Nod and smile. You know it’s true.)

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