belly shots: the results

belly shots: the results

If you are interested in the results of the photoshoot we had at our place this week, click here.

We’re supposed to choose our 10 favorites. If you’d like to weigh in, go for it. We’re all ears.

Oh, and the photos of Simon aren’t really in the running. He stole the show while I was doing a “costume change.”

8 thoughts on “belly shots: the results

  1. They’re beautiful! You’re beautiful! I think my favorite is the one you have posted here.

    Where did you get your dresses? I love the grey one here and the floral.

  2. I vote for #17 for sure. In particular, I love that you can see both of your wedding rings in the shot, and they’re wrapped around your belly (and your little one!). Sending best wishes your way for a healthy ‘labor day’ ~

  3. Heather, funny thing about my wardrobe . . . it’s all borrowed from a friend who had her baby the week before. The gray dress is from Old Navy, though, and I think the floral one is ASOS maternity. Hope that helps. The other pinkish one is Old Navy, too.

    Thanks Katrina! Good point about #17. Micah isn’t in love with any of the pictures he is in, but I think that one should be in the running for the top 10.

  4. The dresses you were wearing were super cute. And although not in the running, I think Simon did steal the show….

  5. I like both 17 and 18 with the two of you. I love almost any picture of you looking down at you belly- 3 and 5 are two of my favorites. The couch pictures turned out really cute. I like 42 and 45. Simon is adorable. I love the second one of him, and his “don’t mess with me” stance. Are you going to share which pictures you went with?

  6. These are really beautiful! I wasn’t able to specifically figure which ones were best. But, suffice it to say, they are all great!

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