getting excited

getting excited

This week Oliver patted my belly and talked to the baby. “I need you, Baby. Come out!”

The boys are slightly obsessed with a Little Miss Austen Pride and Prejudice counting book I got at a baby shower (seriously an awesome gift). They are particularly intrigued by the “10,000 pounds” on the last page, and with trying to identify which sister is Kitty and which is Lydia on the “5 sisters” page.

A neighbor stopped us today when she noticed how close I am to delivering and told the boys they need to protect their sister. They confirmed that they are looking forward to that particular responsibility.

I spent the morning of the 4th organizing all the baby clothes and coming up with projects to keep me occupied until she gets here. Some on the list: baby dresses for the wedding and blessing, dyeing onesies (I’ve done some in turmeric, I’m gathering avocado peels and pits to do another batch), figuring out my little nursing/reading/rocking corner, baking a cake for the post-birth birthday celebration.

And the girl herself seems to be rather uncomfortable in her space and keeps trying, apparently unsuccessfully, to find a more comfortable position. I have a lot of not-very-strong contractions, and although I haven’t been checked, I’m sure I must be dilated to a 3. Don’t quote me on that, though. It could still be a month until I deliver. And I’m not even full-term until next week.

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  1. I forgot that you dye onesies! I love it. But I especially love Oliver telling Draco to come out. So cute! Still dilated to a 3? July would be a great month for this baby!

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