the wedding

the wedding

This was the first of three Blackhurst weddings this summer. Yes, three. Jarom got married this time. Next time, it’s Jess’s turn (in mid-August). Then, two weeks later, Isaac and his bride will take their turn. That’s four weddings in my family this year for those who are counting. “It’s about time!” we’re all saying. Although part of me wonders why it has to be the year, and the summer, I am giving birth. No biggie, though. The more family members, the merrier.

And, to their credit, they were all very accommodating of my schedule. “When is the latest you could travel before the baby is born?” Jarom asked. And then, a few weeks later, “When is the earliest you could travel after the baby is born,” both Jess and Isaac asked.

All in all, the Blackhurst family will have added six new members this year: four in-laws and two grandkids. And, as my dad said, the year doesn’t end in September! There will still be four months in which one of my three other eligible siblings could get married. Not that any of them are dating anyone, but let’s not dwell on those details.

Anyway, here are some photos from Jar’s wedding.

Just some notes: Simon was so grumpy right after the sealing. He was so tired. The only thing that kept him from rolling around on the grass and moaning was to put a camera in his hands. So we have lots of pictures with Simon taking pictures with various cameras. And lots of fun pictures taken from his perspective (including that last one of me – where even I have a hard time spotting the baby bump – black really is slimming). The reception was entirely different. Especially once the dancing started. The boy was unstoppable. And also not shy at all – even about stealing the bride for a dance or two. It was awesome.

As for Jar and Brittany, they obviously had a great time. Jar even got a solo session in front of the camera testing out his model poses. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera out at the time, so only the “official” photographer recorded it. But it was hilarious. That’s Jar for you. Congrats to the new couple and best wishes on the adventures that lie ahead!

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  1. You’re lucky. My brother said “I’m getting married this date. Oooh, you’re due to have a baby 2 weeks later and can’t fly? Sorry! We’ll miss you!” :) But really, congrats on all the new additions. And isn’t Jess too young? Seriously. (I act like I have even seen any of your family members in the past 6 years or something…but I guess that’s just how I think of them–as being 6 years younger than they are now.) Anyways, I also think you’re lucky that you get to show off your new little girl at the weddings to come! Hooray!

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