name that baby!

name that baby!


I know for a fact that there are many of our loyal friends, family members, and possibly a random reader or two (assuming we have any of those these days) who have been eagerly anticipating the point in the pregnancy when we give you a sneak-peek into our possible name choices.

We hate to disappoint.

So here it is, for your guessing pleasure: Name Madness 2012! Featuring, for the first time ever, girls’ names!

As always, we encourage you to fill out your brackets (linked above) when you have a minute or two to procrastinate doing real work, and then send it back to us (heiseltea AT gmail DOT com). They’ll be scored according to our super-secret formula (which really isn’t that super or that secret), and the winner will be announced after the baby is born and her real name is announced (assuming we ever settle on one). The winner will also receive a prize of some kind. Probably closer to a package of homemade cookies delivered to your door, and farther from naming rights to any hypothetical 4th children we may one day have.

The deadline to submit your completed bracket is June 30, 2012, one month before the baby is due.

4 thoughts on “name that baby!

  1. I am a random reader, I guess! I worked with Sarah, Jarom and Abby. And I just have to say that I love this idea and totally want to do it one day! Congrats!

  2. Amanda! You have to guess! It’s so much fun. Seriously. My number one right now is Babypowderjuice the Dogger. :)

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