balto makes me cry

balto makes me cry

Someone asked me lately if being pregnant makes me more emotional. Mostly no, I would say. But there are a few exceptions, most notably Balto. The sled dog.

The boys got a book about Balto for Christmas. And every time I read it to them I have a hard time holding it together at the end. Even when Micah or Abby read it to them I have a hard time holding it together. This is mostly unlike me, but then there was the Winnie-the-Pooh incident as well, so maybe not. (Of  course, I was pregnant then, too, so I can blame those tears on the baby as well.)

Anyway, at the end of the book they mention that everyone in the country was so impressed by Balto and his team that they put a statue of him in Central Park and since then the boys have been begging to go see it. We finally got around to it yesterday. In my heightened emotional state I took way too many pictures and got myself all choked up yet again. Fun times.

Side note: Simon really wanted to sit on Balto, but it was a really hot day and Balto was really hot. I had insisted that he wear shorts, which meant his bare legs would touch the hot statue. It was a pretty tough call on whether he wanted to risk it or not, and in the end he decided to try it for as long as it took to get a picture. He was a little bit upset at me for making him wear shorts and insists we come back another time when it’s cooler and/or he’s wearing pants. I think I can handle that.

Side note 2: Throughout the afternoon yesterday, when we were on our way home and afterward, Oliver would randomly say, “Balto, the bravest dog ever.” And that’s all. And he prayed for Balto, the bravest dog ever, last night as well. Because he’s thoughtful like that.

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