a shoe story

a shoe story

I’m not going to lie. I cringed a little bit this morning when Simon said, “Let’s say a prayer so we can find my shoe.” It’s not that I didn’t believe his prayer would be answered, it’s more that in recent history we’ve had so many prayers be answered in a way that left us scratching our heads and thinking, “That was unexpected.” But, of course, we all knelt as a family anyway. And Simon prayed that we would be able to find his lost shoe.

Our apartment is small. There are precious few places where something the size of a child’s shoe could hide for very long. And so as we scoured each room, I wondered how this could possibly be happening, and how we would handle it if we didn’t find the shoe. Thankfully in the midst of our searches, Simon got distracted. Why seek when you can hide? So he climbed in our laundry basket and asked Micah to come find him. Micah called to me from the other room, “We’ve lost Simon! Come help me find him!”

“Lost Simon, eh? I guess if we don’t have him, we don’t need to find his shoe,” I replied. And I made my way to the bedroom to help find our lost child.

“Hmmmm. It doesn’t look like he’s under the blanket,” I said.

Micah opened the closet. “Not in there, either.”

“He’s in here, he’s in here,” Oliver informed us (as he had been doing for at least a minute before that) while he stood beside the laundry basket. So I poked my head over the top of the basket. “Boo!” I said.

Simon jumped up. Holding his missing shoe. And, once again, “That was unexpected.”

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  1. This is the kind of thing that happens to us! All the time!! It’s very nice to know we have someone helping us out from afar.

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