bustin’ a move

bustin’ a move

“Is that your son out there?”

“Yeah, he’s mine!”

“He’s a good dancer!”

“I’ve never seen this side of him before. But it’s pretty awesome, huh?”


Simon rocked our world Saturday night at a wedding reception we went to. He’s been holding out on us. We didn’t know he liked to dance. Or maybe he didn’t know, either. I don’t know where he learned these brake dancing moves, but he was not shy about showing them off. And teaching them to his brother. Micah and I could only stand and stare in awe (and pull out our phones to record it for posterity). We have to take into account, however, that he was totally pumped up on wedding cake, that it was 2 hours past his bedtime, and that he’d also been to a super-fun birthday party earlier in the day. The kid was unstoppable.

And for most of the way home he couldn’t stop talking about how much he likes to dance, and how fun it was to meet a new friend, and what a shame it was that we don’t know her name or her phone number or her address or who her parents are, but how he was really happy to make a new friend and how he really wants to go to more dance parties.

Count me in, Dude. I’m game.

*Okay, I’m trying to embed the video, but failing. So here’s a link to it instead: Bustin’ a move. (Okay, so maybe it did work? But now you have a link and an embedded video. Lucky you.)

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