“i’ll eat you up i love you so!”

“i’ll eat you up i love you so!”

I may or may not have had a hard time keeping it together the other day when I heard that Maurice Sendak died. I’m blaming the pregnancy. (I also blame the pregnancy for the tears I shed every time I read the little paperback book about Balto the boys love.)

But in truth, we read a lot of Sendak. And we like him a lot. Here’s a little tribute from Simon. The video was taken a few months ago.


For his part, Oliver is just as in love with the rest of the Nutshell Library. We’ve been through Alligators All Around many many times as Oliver learns his alphabet and now that he’s learning numbers, One Was Johnny is on heavy rotation. And don’t get me started on Chicken Soup With Rice. I try my best to sing it how I learned it in first grade, but I’m really not a singer. The boys are forgiving, however. (What they are not forgiving of is actually having to eat chicken soup with rice – it sounds way better in song than it does when it’s in a bowl staring you in the face.)

So thank you, Mr. Sendak, for your contribution to society. And to my children’s childhoods. I appreciate it.

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