homemade or die

homemade or die

We just had some neighbors over for dinner. We had a great time and we are super excited to know another couple in our building. But it also shone a spotlight on our quirkiness once again. You people already know this about us, but it was funny to hear us say it again to people who we sort of just met.

“Actually, Lizzie made that bread.”

“It’s homemade? That’s amazing!”

“Micah made the noodles in the lasagna as well.”

“Really? It’s so good!”

“Is this salad dressing homemade, too?”

“Um, yeah, actually, it is.”

“Oh, those boxes? Yeah, Micah made those. Just from some scraps we picked up from Craigslist.”

“And I reupholstered this chair as well.”

By the end of the night we decided it was probably best that we didn’t get around to making ricotta cheese to spread on the homemade bread.

Our motto seems to be “Why buy it when you can make it?” (I submit for evidence the fact that our elder child once told us we needed to find a recipe and get the ingredients for blue angry bird gummy candies.)

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  1. You guys are amazing. Noodles, making them myself that is, terrify me. But one day I hope to conquer that fear! So did you end up making the angry bird gummies? 😉

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