the birthday boy and his solar system party

the birthday boy and his solar system party

It turns out that all you need to throw a great birthday party for a 5-year-old is dirt. And nine cakes. That’s all. No big deal. You can thank me later.

When we were planning this party, Simon had big ideas. He wanted a “Milky Way” themed party, with all the planets, and then somehow — and we have no idea where this came from — but he was going to be Santa, Oliver and I were going to be the flying reindeer, and Micah was going to be the sled. And he told this to anyone who would listen, much to our amusement.

Santa didn’t happen. And the Milky Way didn’t really either. But the solar system did. And what kid is going to complain when he has nine cakes sitting on a table in front of him?

So here are the details: I made 1 full-size (9-inch round) cake. I baked up two 28-ounce can-fulls of cake batter. (Simon’s actual birthday cake, pictured in the previous post, was practice for this “cake in a can” thing. And it meant we don’t have tons and tons of birthday cake leftover. Hooray!) And I made 9 cupcakes as well. One of the cupcakes got eaten by Oliver for breakfast. (The little punk thinks he’s in charge of the food supply around here.) The big cake got iced into a sun. The two cans of cake got split up into the four gaseous giants. Four of the cupcakes became the four small planets. And we used a little bit of another cupcake to make a moon. We were going to do the dwarf planets too, but we ditched that idea at the last minute. Sorry, Pluto. You didn’t make the cut.

And then we packed up all our cakes into a box, put it on top of our jogging stroller, put Oliver in one seat, the healthy food (fruits, veggies, cheese, and crackers) in the other seat, sat Simon on his bike, and walked 2 miles to the park so we could throw a party.

One of my friends, when she saw what we had done — cakes and all — said, “Did it at any time cross your mind that this was actually a reasonable thing to do?” To which I replied, “No. Of course not.”

It may not have been reasonable, but we rarely are reasonable when confronted with the possibility of constructing the entire solar system out of cake in honor of our little space man.

Aside from that, we snacked, talked, ran around in the dirt, played on a huge tree stump, chased a ball, decorated spaceships (shown above — our sons clearly inherited my patience for pointless crafts . . .), got dirty, and everything else that makes for an awesome birthday party.

And then we packed up our stroller, put the kid back on the bike, and walked home, stopping briefly to admire the water fountain outside the Brooklyn Museum.

A perfect day for our perfect little boy (and his perfect little brother, who will undoubtedly be talking about the birthday party like it was his own for the next 3 months).

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  1. What a fantastic party! Great job with the solar system. I just love the picture of Oliver with the frisbee.

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