Peep Show 2012

Peep Show 2012

Update: There was an entry that got lost in the mail and has just been added!

And we’re back! Here’s the Peep Show for the year. A smaller crop of entries than we normally get — only 8 — but the quality is excellent!

Here is what you need to know about voting:

1. To vote, leave a comment with your top three picks. Your first choice will get 3 points, second choice will get 2 points, and third place will get 1 point. If you do not number your choices, we will assume that they are ranked (1, 2, 3) in the order you put them down.

2. Voting will close midnight (Eastern time) on Sunday April 15th.

3. We have not talked about prizes, but this is what I’m offering: if you win, I will make you a batch of super-tasty cookies and either send them to you, invite you over to my apartment, or make them and give them to you next time I see you (which will likely be in June, since that is when I will be in Utah). Second and 3rd place . . . I’ll have to think about it. Any suggestions?

Happy voting! And enjoy the Peep Show.

The Peep in the Hat Comes Back

Edward Peeperhands


Peep Attack!

Cirque de Peep


The Hunger Peeps


23 thoughts on “Peep Show 2012

  1. I emailed my peep show entry to Micah but it looks like he didn’t see it. Is it too late to add it to the peep show?

  2. The Hunger Peeps
    Cirque de Peep

    (I wish I was somewhat creative…. sigh…..) :-)

  3. How the heck do I pick from this group?! People got creative this year! Okay, I like Lipeesuction, Edward Peeperhands, then The Hunger Peeps.

  4. 1. Lipeepsuction
    2. Peep attack!
    3. The Peep in the Hat come back

    p.s. We got some peeps for Grant and I seriously considered submitting a picture of his half eaten and totally destroyed peeps, but I couldn’t think of a catchy title to go along with it.

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