peep show psa

peep show psa

Technically, the deadline for the Peep Show was supposed to be last night. We have 4 entries and at least one person who thought the deadline wasn’t until next week. In an effort to get a couple of more entries, we are extending the deadline to next Sunday, April 8th, at midnight. That is Easter Sunday. You should be so sick of peeps by then you’ll be ready to stick them all in the microwave and watch them explode. And if you do, send us a picture of it and we’ll put it in the show. :)


2 thoughts on “peep show psa

  1. I’ll have to talk to Brad, but I think we’ll be able to do it now :) Last Sunday wasn’t going to work or we would have said. Can’t wait to see the entries!

  2. We’re in. Lydia and I plan to work on our entry tomorrow while Jon is in Farson. Looking forward to it!

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