a more serious update

a more serious update

For those of you who are wondering about how things are going with us these days, they are going well. Micah has been doing some freelance work and has been developing some other opportunities that look promising. We are taking some risks that we are comfortable taking with the hope that they will lead us to where we always planned on going. A lot of things are lining up and we are feeling slightly more secure in our finances and in our decision to pursue “nontraditional” work arrangements.

I’m not going to share any of the details yet because while things are lining up, they are not totally set and while we are more comfortable and secure we are not confident that things will go the way they hope they will. But this week has brought an end to some of the waiting that was driving me nuts and we are happy to be able to move forward on some of the projects and things that were on hold.

And in the next few weeks as things continue to move forward, maybe I’ll be able to share some more of the details of what we are up to.

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  1. It all sounds very encouraging and exciting! We look forward to future updates and are glad that things are looking so bright. :)

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