Pi(e) Day 2012

Pi(e) Day 2012

Okay, so I’m a week late on this one. Oops. But Pi(e) Day is an important family tradition, and it must get it’s share of blog space.

And you know it’s an important family tradition because, for days before the event, your child takes a minute or two every morning to bemoan the fact that it isn’t Pie Day yet, and he really really really really wishes it were Pie Day and how much longer does he have to wait?

Well, as of right now, 358 days. Approximately.

This year I made two pies: a chocolate coconut cream pie which I’ve made before and I will likely make again when the Park Slope Ward Chili and Pie Cook-off rolls around again in October. And an orange-lime tart, which was a first (recipe from the Jacques Pepin cookbook I got for Christmas), but will also likely be repeated, and possibly adapted in preparation for the cook-off as well.

In addition to that we had a bunch of friends over who donated oatmeal cream pies, strawberry pie, apple pie, super-duper chocolate brownies, and a couple of pints of ice cream to the cause. There may have been more, but after the 3rd slice of pie I entered a sugar coma and I can’t remember anything after that. (I kid.)

The boy who bemoaned the slowness of Pi(e) Day in finally arriving took the liberty of consuming a year’s worth of sugary goodness while his parents socialized. And the little brother got to stay up way past his bedtime and ended up in a pile of tears on the floor, begging for the chance to go home with another family. (After Micah teased him by telling him he could go and to hurry and get his shoes on. It was a ruse to get their daughter to go home with them, but it kind of backfired. Kind of.)

So, all in all, I think I’d count it a rousing success.

2 thoughts on “Pi(e) Day 2012

  1. Lizzie you get major points just for presentation on those pies and I have it on good authority that they taste even better than they look. What a great tradition!

  2. Wow. Oliver is speaking really well and amazingly clear even through those tears! Poor kid. Good to know he really loves you guys most. 😉

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