There are 8 million people in New York (not counting tourists and commuters). There are 26 subway lines. Each train runs every 5-10ish minutes. Each train (excluding shuttles) has 4-10 cars (8-10 if you throw out the G train as well). The chances of running in to someone you know while you are on the train are pretty slim. Even if you are going to the same place and planning to meet there at the same time, chances are you will not have the same route or take the same train. And even if you are taking the same train, chances that you will be in the same car are even slimmer.

And yet. It happens.

In fact, it happened yesterday. We were on our way to the Museum of the Moving Image, where we planned to meet Abby. We left a few minutes late and we were still many stations away with only 10 minutes before our meeting time. I was worried that she’d be standing out in the cold waiting for us when Micah tapped me and pointed across the car. There she was. Sitting a few yards from us. And a seat had just opened up next to her. I sent Simon over to sit by her, thinking he’d tap her on the shoulder or something. He didn’t. He quietly sat down, unnoticed by his aunt. So Micah and I sat and silently giggled through the next two stops. It wasn’t until someone went to look at the map, right where Simon was sitting, that Abby turned and saw him. And was so confused by this little boy who looked just like her nephew, and was even wearing her nephews hat, but was traveling alone.

We laughed and laughed and caused more than a couple of people sitting nearby to crack a smile.

I love this city.

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  1. hi lizzie! I know it’s been a while (a long while, actually)…but I was thinking about u and thought to check your blog which I knew would be awesomely updated. but i just had to say that I loved this story. probably because I enjoy your stories of life in NYC, and probably because I can imagine your sister’s face seeing her nephew next to her, but mostly because im remembering how great of a writer you are. hope all is well with u guys! much love from laie =)

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