museum of the moving image

museum of the moving image

Some reasons I love modern technology: blogging, e-mailing, texting, showing my 2-year-old a video of Mahna Mahna while we are standing in front of a case in which the puppets who are singing the song are housed.

We waited until nearly the last day of the Jim Henson exhibit to go to the Museum of the Moving Image to see it, naturally, and then wished we’d gone sooner so we could go back for more later. In all honesty, the boys were pretty clueless about the puppets on display, but Micah, Abby and I enjoyed seeing them and bunches of sketches and plans and ideas and evolutions of characters (including Cookie Monster with scary teeth).

Instead, Simon went from one video display to another and laughed raucously at nearly every one. The best was the last one, which was also the longest. There are few things more delightful than seeing your child filled with such unrestrained joy as Simon was when the little anthropomorphized laundry hose kicked the big anthropomorphized laundry hose and it exploded. We’ve laughed about that moment at least half a dozen times since we left the museum.

Aside from the Henson exhibit, there were many other worthwhile things going on at the museum. Sound booths where you can record voice-overs to popular movies, green screens you can dance in front of, the most amazing claymation spinning thing. And a stop-motion animation station. We spent some time there and pretty much fell in love with it. Here is one of the 2 second clips we managed to come up with (the others are better, but I can’t get them to upload–sorry!):

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  1. Lydia loved watching this. She kept reaching out to… I don’t know? Grab the puppets? I only hope she loves mahna mahna as much as I do! I’m glad the boys had the opportunity to see such classic and fun things at the museum. Too bad the Jim Henson exhibit isn’t permanently on display. I love the pictures os Simon watching video.

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