things that go

things that go

I planned to take the boys to the Transit Museum this week. They love that place. So many different train cars. A bus. Maps and turnstiles. But then Oliver got sick. And then Oliver got sick again. And then Simon and Micah got sick. And instead of going to the museum, we spent a lot of time in our pajamas refreshing ourselves on the Pixar and Studio Ghibli collections, playing reptile bingo, and getting our fill of things that go via Richard Scarry instead of the New York Transit Museum.

We’ve found Goldbug on every page and decided which vehicle we would like for our own personal collection on each page as well.

And to be honest, the diversity of vehicles in the Scarry book puts the transit museum to shame. Pickle trucks, doughnut cars, auto-planes? You won’t find them at the museum. And you won’t find Goldbug either.

As for us, I think we’d take a bananamobile over the subway train if we could. Maybe.

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