In the hours that Oliver was not sick, and no one else was either, I managed to make it to our Relief Society meeting this week. A J. Crew stylist came to give us some style tips. I wonder what she thought when she saw a room full of jeans-and-flats-wearing moms. Clearly we all needed help. And lots of it.

Among other things, she taught us how to wear a scarf, and multiple ways to wear belts as well. We learned proper sleeve rolling technique, and a little bit about mixing patterns in an outfit. Oh, and definitely a lot about layering jewelry. Of which I have . . . none. Some of us were a little concerned about testing out some of these tips in public. Like wearing heels? Or six necklaces at one time? Or two belts woven together? Her suggestion: wear it around the house until you are comfortable with it and don’t think about it so much.

So as I made granola and cleaned the kitchen, I fancied myself up with a scarf that I haven’t known what to do with for the past five years.

And I kind of like it. Oliver? Not so much. He wanted me to carry him, but refused to actually let me pick him up until I took “that thing” off.


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