sack race

sack race

We’ve read Best Friends for Frances several times in the past few weeks. We’ve chatted about including everyone, being friends with your siblings, not calling people names, and how boys and girls can both do  . . . anything. But it was the mention of the sack race between Frances, Gloria, and Albert that caught Simon’s imagination. For a couple of days he asked me to show him what a sack race was and even suggested we get on the computer to find a video of it so he could see for himself. (I’ll take it as a mark of the rising generation that the impulse is to look for a video on YouTube when you don’t know what something is.)

It took me much too long, but I finally took a minute to pull a pillowcase out of the “linen box” and show him how it was done. He insisted we make a finish line so that he could win, but since Oliver was napping at the time, it wasn’t much of a contest. And since the boy seemed intent on having a film-ic evidence, I recorded his first sack race.

Since then he and Oliver have done a couple of races, and Oliver is passably good at hopping around in his pillowcase, although, predictably, he gets tired and starts to walk halfway through.

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  1. I’m wondering if there’s a kind of “parenting zeitgeist” because WE did sack races at my house last week! crazy how different topics crop up. :) We were talking about kangaroos and jumping. But, still used pillowcases in our situation too.

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