bikes in February

bikes in February

I like it when the boys take charge of the day and let us know what they want to do. A lazy Saturday with no plans was still a lazy Saturday with no plans, but the boys made sure we got out to enjoy the good weather and some exercise with a trip around the block on their bikes.

It was Oliver’s first time riding solo on the balance bike, although he quickly realized it was a lot more fun if Mom pushed him while he held his feet up.

Simon’s bike had a serious flat tire, so Micah took some time to show him how to fix a tire tube.

Micah and Simon totally wasted me and Oliver in the “race” around the block. And then, just when Oliver and I turned the corner onto the homestretch, Oliver had a bit of an accident in which his foot got stuck behind the seat and it took me a while to get him untangled. As we were approaching our building, Oliver kept talking about how Dad and Simon beat us home. He was a little sad about it. But just about to go up the steps when Micah and Simon jumped out from the other side of the stoop and surprised us. This led not only to forgetting about having been beaten home, but also to several minutes of Oliver wanting to try the same trick with them, but I don’t think it was quite as effective. Fun to try, but I think the element of surprised is lost when you are talking to those you are hoping to surprise the whole time.

Still, a morning well spent.

And, by the way, who would’ve thought February would be awesome bike weather?

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