the wedding

the wedding

My little sister got married this weekend. Hence the flight drama. Don’t ask my why I flew to Salt Lake via San Francisco. It seemed like the best option at the time. From here on out, it’s the JetBlue direct or nothing.

Anyway. Sarah got married. There were so many wonderful things about the day. The first being that I got to run 5 miles in the rain. And the first two miles were uphill. Very uphill. And for some reason my contacts were giving me problems. They just weren’t working right. I thought I had them in the wrong eyes. I thought maybe I had them on inside out. It wasn’t until I’d had them in for 4 hours and was about to abandon them all together when my brother realized that they were actually his contacts. And, sadly enough this was not the first time I had put in the wrong contacts. On the day Micah and I were married I put Micah’s contacts in. As a show of love. Hahaha. Just kidding. It was because I couldn’t tell the difference.

Once that was all resolved, we went to the temple. It had been raining all morning and after the ceremony we took turns running in and out of the waiting area to get our pictures taken. Bride’s family. Groom’s family. Brothers. Sisters. Friends. Sisters and sisters-in-law. All the girls. All the boys. Individual portraits. The bride and groom stuck around for a few more hours for more pictures, and by the time they were done it was snowing. Hard. Their car slid into a rock on their way back to my parents house.  My other sister’s car slid into a wall on the way to my parents house. No one was hurt, but cars were definitely damaged. The bride and groom had to be rescued. My other sister and I had the good fortune of not sliding off the road when we went to Costco to get a bunch of pizzas for everyone to eat. But we realized afterward that it was probably a dumb idea to attempt that. Hindsight.

We were slightly worried that it would just be our families at the reception that night because no one would want to brave the roads. It was still snowing, but the plows were doing their best and there were plenty of people at the reception. The cobbler and ice cream were delicious. I had a great time taking pictures, talking with cousins and friends and neighbors, and dancing with nephew Ben (age 16 months) during the couples’ dance.

I went home, ate wedding cake, watched “Tangled” and slept for 8 fairly solid hours.

And Sarah and Paul are on their way to Hawaii on Monday. I hope they have better luck with their flights than I have had.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can get home and rested and the photos downloaded.

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  1. I’m so glad nothing worse happened that day! And it was lovely. Everything worked out well in the end

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