Here I am at SFO. Again. What should have been a 40 minute layover has turned into a 5 hour layover with merely a possibility of getting on the red-eye at 10:30. Flying standby. And if I don’t get on the standby flight . . . they tell me my next shot at JFK isn’t for 24 hours. Yeah. So let’s hope that doesn’t happen. And if I don’t get on standby, well, there’s got to be another way home.

One thought on “sfo

  1. Definitely worse than my 3-hour delay in Chicago (though I did have Claire, and she did blow out of both diapers I brought and got it all over her only pair of clothes, and neither of us slept and got in at around 3:00 am). Although I’m sure you’re missing the kiddos, you can at least be glad you don’t have them with you. At times like that, I say go splurge on airport souvenirs and buy a new book for yourself, or a new crossword puzzle book, or really expensive ice cream or SOMETHING! You deserve it. I figure, it’s either that or clawing your eyes out. Go get the ice cream. Good luck!!

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