Playing with Cards

Playing with Cards

Hi everyone. I need your help.

I am designing a deck of cards and have come up with a couple of different styles for the face cards. I still have a lot of work to do, but I really need to lock down the look. So, I am asking for your opinions. Which of these three do you like better, and why? (click on them to get a better view)




For anyone interested in the past and future development of this game, check out the Designer Co-op. There is also a bunch of other really great work from some of my friends and other creative folk. Thanks a bunch.

11 thoughts on “Playing with Cards

  1. My favorite is version 1. I like the colors (they’re a little softer than version 3 and thus not so distracting) and I like that they are different than most other face cards that have details on the cards (like version 2). Its not as distracting. I don’t know what they’re going to be played for (Loser game? everything?), but I like to be able to recognize the card quickly, which I think version 1 accomplishes. With that said, I do like the texturing (is that the right word? or is it staining?) in version 3 and I do like that the faces have personalities in version 2.

    So that probably doesn’t help at all, but there’s my two cents.

  2. I like version 1 best, mainly because of the colors, their intensity, and the greater contrast with the white background. I’d be interested in seeing what it would look like with a mix of 1 and 3, the deeper colors with the light colored background.

  3. I like the colors in one and three the best- very cool. They are all great really, but if I had to pick just one set – I think I gravitate to the overall aesthetic of No.3.

  4. I like 1 and 3 best because they are more stylized than 2. I like 3 over 1 because of the background shade. The necklace on Q-2 suggests she’s the queen of spades; but the other queen’s don’t have the same brooch, so I can’t tell if we’re dealing with regular playing cards or something more specialized to a particular game.

  5. A little late on the uptake, but I like version 3 best. The variation in tones makes it look more defined than 1. It looks more like a finished product than 1.

    I think 1 has enough contrast on the queen, but not on the joker.

    They’re very cool. I can’t wait to see the finished deck

  6. Thanks everybody. I really have been appreciating your feedback. I have decided on a style, in large part because of you. I’m sure there will be no more problems on this project from here out. Haha.

  7. I love them all, and wished that I’d seen this earlier. Though I think I’m too late I’ll share my thoughts anyway. Initially I was drawn to 2 probably because they felt so familiar but also because I love what you’ve done in making the faces so expressive. 3 is a refreshing change and I think the colors you’ve chosen are inviting. I look forward to seeing more in the future. And hopefully playing the Loser game with them one day as well. :)

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