things I’m loving these days

things I’m loving these days

How Oliver says, “Ta-da!” whenever something comes out from hiding. Especially his head as it makes its way through his shirt.

And how he sometimes goes around turning off all the lights as we’re getting ready for church so we can sing Happy Birthday.

Oh, and especially how, when we were playing a game and he was drawing cards, after every draw he’d say, “I got it . . . for my birth-day!”

That child slays me.

And I love how Simon, so matter-of-factly, states that he can imagine that Ratatouille was in The Incredibles and that Collette stepped on a bomb, but that it was already exploded.

(Less funny is how, when he is frustrated or upset, he says, “Explosion! Explosion! Explosion!” and bounces jerkily into my face.)

I love how he is starting to break from the TRIO block instruction book and make things up on his own.

And I super-duper love how he is still singing Christmas songs. Like, “Frosting the Snowman!” and “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart . . . .” and many other ones, some of which get mashed up, some of which get some surprising new lyrics, and some of which are just done sweetly and perfectly.

He gets more amusing every day. (On the other hand, I’m less amused by this funny face he started making a couple of months ago. He seems to be completely oblivious to when he is doing it, no matter how many times Micah and I point it out to him. Maybe we should start telling him his face will stick like that forever?)

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