the guitar

the guitar

This past summer we attended an auction/fundraiser for the Young Women of our ward. We donated a couple of services, as did many other people in our ward, but bid on very little. In fact, the only thing we bid on was a month of guitar lessons from a man in the ward who happens to be a very talented musician. Thankfully, everyone else who wanted it noticed that this was the only thing we had bid on and let us have it. I knew that Micah had been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It wasn’t until October that he was finally able to squeeze the lessons into his busy schedule, but boy howdy if we haven’t been having a great time with it since then. We got Micah a guitar of his very own for his birthday, and I’m pretty sure that it, and the lessons, are some of the best money I’ve ever spent. The boys are entranced by the guitar, Micah seems to have an innate talent for it, and I love hearing him play and sing and watching the boys love it, too.

But there are so many other things to love about it as well. Like how Oliver pulls out Simon’s ukulele and says, “I need a pick,” every time Micah starts playing the guitar. He’ll sit down and strum the un-tuneable little blue uke, sing his unintelligible little songs, and he and Micah will have an awesome jam session.

Or like how Simon can figure out which song he’s playing after hearing just a few chords.

And my favorite story of all is the one that happened after I had taken the boys shopping for a gift for Micah but before Christmas, when he would open the gift. “I think I want a computer strap for Christmas,” Simon mentioned randomly one evening.

“A computer strap? What’s that?” Micah asked.

“It’s a strap that I can put on the computer so that I can play on it standing up and I don’t have to sit down to play it.”

I tried to maintain a straight face as Micah put the pieces together. And then he knew what he was getting from the boys for Christmas. I told him maybe he knew what it was, but there was a special story as to how they decided on the particular guitar strap to get him. Simon wanted the one that said, “Police Line: Do Not Cross.” Oliver was partial to the one with skulls on it. But when I asked them which one they thought Dad would like, they agreed without hesitation on the black-and-white checked one. The one that looks like a chess board, as Simon put it.

I love it when interests collide like that.

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  1. How cute! For some reason I thought Micah played the guitar. What a great gift. I’d love to hear what you come up with so Simon can play his computer standing up. 😉 love the creativity going on at your house!

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