to seventy more (and then some)

to seventy more (and then some)

The other night Micah and I put the boys to bed early. Then we sat down on the couch and pulled out a crossword puzzle, just like we used to do in the pre-kid days. It’s been years since we’ve done a crossword together. We used to do them all the time when we were dating and engaged and before Simon was born. But such quiet, mentally intensive pursuits have taken a back seat to more relaxing, more passive time-killers when we have a few minutes of unscheduled, post-bedtime quiet. Still, it only took a few minutes for us to get back into our normal groove. Micah knew all the ones I didn’t have a clue about, I filled in the ones I knew before he had a chance to look at them. We puzzled over the last few together before filling in our best guesses and high-fiving a job well done.

Today marks seven years of filling in the blanks for each other as a married couple. Here’s to seventy more.

Happy Anniversary to us.

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  1. I love that you do cross words together. I know that I am very late but congrats on seven years! Someone told me the 7th year is the hardest. I don’t know why. But way to make it through that one! :)

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