I know you’ve all been waiting to hear/see the boys sing “Tomorrow” from Annie, since I’ve been talking so much about it. The wait is over, my friends (or should I say Grandmas and Grandpas?), here it is in its un-cut glory.

5 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. Favorite parts: when Oliver starts to bounce his feet because Simon is, and the end when Oliver opens his mouth really wide to belt out “you’re only a day away” because Simon is. So cute!

  2. Ha ha, so cute. I am super impressed. I think he knows the words better than I do. You definitely have some little stars in the making.

  3. I’m amazed that you guys held your laughter in as long as you did! :) This is adorable, I love that Simon had the “but you’ve got to hold on til tomorrow,” part so well memorized. I wanted to mention that I love your Loose Ends quotes but temporarily lost my train of thought watching your boys sing their hearts out. Well done.

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