so, Thanksgiving

so, Thanksgiving

We stayed up until 1:30 on Tuesday night packing and prepping so we could leave at 5:30 the next morning to be on our way to Pennsylvania where we were meeting some of Micah’s family for Thanksgiving. As soon as our heads hit the pillow, Oliver started crying. Micah took care of him, then came back to bed. But Oliver was up again at 2:45, and it was my turn. When we got up at 4:30, the boys’ light was on. Simon came out, thrilled to death (possibly “thrilled to wakefulness” might be a better description) at the idea of being woken up at 5:15 to go to Pennsylvania. I told him to go back to bed, but changed my mind 10 minutes later and soon enough we were all up and getting ready to go. Three trains and 2 1/2 hours later, we were all settled into our rental car and on our way.

I’m just going to say, I paid for the lack of sleep on Tuesday night dearly. Sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes, yuck. But I will also say that it was worth it. We had a great time. I loved that all the kids were old enough to play with far less supervision than used to be needed. I loved that there were two floors. And a pool table. And a shuffle board. And plenty of hills to run on. And I loved getting to spend some time with some of my best friends/sisters-in-law, with Micah’s brothers, with Mom Heiselt, and with seven munchkins that have grown a lot since I last saw them nearly a year and a half ago.

And then there was the food. We ate our way through six pies, Micah roasted the tastiest turkey ever, and we each contributed some side dishes to the feast. We shared our favorite chocolate treats, drank delicious wassail, and enjoyed the most indulgent hot cocoa I’ve had in my life, thanks to Micah and his wild imagination.

We played all sorts of games, sang lots of songs, and entertained each other in a family variety show. (Simon sang, “Tomorrow,” Oliver demonstrated his yoga prowess, I recited “Rattletrap Car” which I memorized almost entirely from simply reading it over and over and over and over during the past 4 years, and Micah sang and played “The Curse” on his guitar.)

We let the boys run around outside, and tried not to worry to much about them as we watched from the kitchen window.

And then we came home.

3 thoughts on “so, Thanksgiving

  1. I want to hear you do Rattletrap Car. And Oliver is rockin’ that upward dog. Lizzie, you need to put your head up a little more. 😉

  2. It was so awesome to be together! I will try to get the DVD of the awesome Heiselt talent compiled asap. I love you guys!

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