“Mom broke my bed.”

“Mom broke my bed.”

It was a cruel thing I did to Oliver, I’m sure. Breaking his bed. But he seems to be handling it fairly well. He still likes to climb in over the railing, but he has the freedom to get out easily and play all through nap time instead of napping. So, I think that means he has the best of both worlds, right?

It’s only been two nights, but he hasn’t fallen out yet, and we haven’t found him sleeping on the floor, so aside from the crankiness that comes when you spend half your nap time playing with cars, I think we can call the transition to a toddler bed a success.

2 thoughts on ““Mom broke my bed.”

  1. I love pictures of sleeping kids, that is so adorable! Good job making the transition, that’s very exciting. Hopefully the newness will wear off soon and he’ll get back to taking good naps. ;0)

  2. How did it break? I’m sorry- I resolve to get on the computer more often so that it’s less than a month after you write these posts that I’m responding. It appears that Oliver could care less about his lovely bed. :)

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