snobbery + stinginess

snobbery + stinginess

Micah and I have not had professionally taken pictures of our family since Dec. 28, 2004. That was our wedding day. Nearly 7 years ago. The only other professional pictures we have are from an impromptu photo-shoot my sister-in-law did when she and my brother were visiting us just after Squish was born. It was mostly of the boys. I was still halfway in my pajamas. My hair was fresh from the pillow. (Thankfully I was only in one or two shots.) And while I do have a decent camera and I’m able to get some pretty good photos of the boys sometimes, there still aren’t any of us as a family.

The problem is this: We are very picky. And we don’t want to pay anything for pictures. So while we look through awesome family-photography and say, “Yeah, that’s pretty good, but I don’t really care for that style . . . ” it’s really just a way to make ourselves feel better about the fact that we are pretty Scrooge-ish about the family photography business. Meaning that we pinch pennies and end up  . . . looking like we pinch pennies. Or looking like we don’t get pictures taken at all, which is actually more accurate. We have grand visions and discriminating tastes, but not a thing to back it up. (What I really want is my old friend Diana to come to Brooklyn to take our photos. I would gladly pay full price for her to catch us as she has done so well with so many other families.)

But that is going to change. I’m putting my foot down. Our kids are old enough that I don’t feel that the photos will be outdated in a month because the baby has grown so much since then. We are a real family and we have a lot of fun together and I want proof of it hanging all over our walls. So look for cool family pics in this space . . . sometime in the next . . . (let’s be realistic) year. Hold me to it, people.

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  1. I know. It’s expensive. I am lucky to have a photographer friend who has done a swap with me the past two years. What do I love even more than the pictures I take of everyone else’s families/children? Pictures of my own :) Consider it an investment – you won’t regret. So, pick a photographer you really love. If they’re price tag is beyond what you can afford – ask if they would consider doing a mini session for half the price. I’ve had a few people ask me that and I’ve obliged. Or, I’ve also had some pretty SWEET trades (ie all of our estate planning/legal stuff done for FREE for two sessions? Yes, please!) If you really can’t get it done this year, consider investing in a tripod and a remote for you camera and snapping a series yourself :) But definitely get some of your family together. Your kids will love you for it later 😉

  2. I’ve been thinking about this, too. We’ve never had any real family photos taken, and it’s starting to make me sad. They’re so expensive, but I think we’re at the point that it would be worth doing. I had been thinking this a few weeks ago and then totally forgot, so I’m glad you reminded me. Good luck getting yours, I hope you find a good photographer whose style you like!

  3. I TOTALLY know what you mean. I was SO determined to get “good” outdoor pics from a “real” photographer. Conan was annoyed that even private photographers are so “old school” when it comes to getting prints, so he opted for cheap but ok. And it ended up being nearly as expensive as the good ones anyway. But you know what? I’m glad we have something. It reflects where we are at this time in life. Whatever you’ve got you’ll be glad you’ve got. I promise.

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