no more baby stuff

no more baby stuff

Oliver learned to climb into his crib this week. He attempted to climb out of it this afternoon, but was hindered by being sick. We’ll be converting it to a toddler bed by Thanksgiving, I’m sure. The boy also abandoned his high chair a couple of weeks ago. We finally made it to IKEA today to get a normal chair for him to sit on at the table.

The boy is talking in sentences, walking to the library and grocery store, buckling his own stroller and carrier buckles, putting on his shoes all by himself, and zipping jackets and pajamas by himself (or else!).

What I’m saying is, we don’t have a baby any more. And it almost feels like we don’t have a toddler, either (except for the diapers, of course). Just two little boys who laugh and fight and play and wrestle and sing (the singing! I’m in love!) together. Since we won’t be having a baby any time in the near future (read: I’m not pregnant), I’m thinking we’ll get rid of the high chair altogether. I’m thinking maybe we should seriously consider a bunk bed for the boys when we next move. I’m thinking of leaving the diaper bag at home, forever. (Or at least until we have another kid.)

I’m thinking, this is fun. I’m thinking, I like this.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe Oliver is getting so big!! That’s so fun, I love having two boys. Samuel and Caleb are playing together more and more, and it’s so wonderful! I can only imagine since Oliver is older than Caleb, he and Simon can probably do a lot together. That’s really exciting, enjoy this time!! :0)

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