leaf man

leaf man

One of my children wanted to play chess this afternoon. But we were missing a piece. He searched and looked and searched and tried to convince me it was no big deal if I didn’t have my rook, all it does is move in a line, anyway.

Meanwhile, my other child did something that his brother has not shown any interest in: a craft. He glued leaves to a piece of paper to make a leaf man, inspired by a book he got for his birthday.

He did it and he was excited about it and I feel like I’m entering a new phase of motherhood. One in which I do craft projects with one child while the other begs me to play chess with him. Or vice versa. Should be fun.

(Incidentally, Simon was not interested in making his own leaf man partially because we didn’t have two acorns and a “round pinecone,” so he wouldn’t be able to do it properly. Sigh.)

2 thoughts on “leaf man

  1. How cute! I love the look on Oliver’s face. I’m not familiar with Leaf Man, but it looks like a great book. I wish I’d known about it when we did leaf animals each Fall for school.

    Simon and I are not allowed to play chess together. Actually, I’m sure it could be fun. He’d most likely teach me several things I don’t already know.

  2. I can actually picture you being able to play chess and do a craft at the same time. That should be a fun challenge! I can’t remember if I asked you before or not, but have you seen the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer?? It’s an awesome movie about a NYC boy who’s a brilliant chess player. You should definitely Netflix it!

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