Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

We may or may not have stayed up until after midnight every night last week putting these costumes together. Micah was the visionary. I was his intern (aka unpaid slave assistant) and did whatever he told me to do. I think it was a good sacrifice. Sleep vs. awesome costumes? Awesome costumes wins every time.

If you haven’t caught on, Simon is really excited about space these days. (And I am reminded of the boy who, 20+ years ago told me he was going to be an astronaut and he was going to marry me. I told him I hoped he got lost in space. I take it back now. I didn’t mean a word of it.) He told us months ago that he wanted to be an astronaut and he never wavered in his decision. Oliver was pretty excited about being the moon and was a great sport about wearing his costume during the important moments (although he did take it off during photoshoot #1 today). I’m counting my blessings and hoping the boys are always so firm in their costume decisions.

We had to have them done for the ward chili cookoff (and I had to bake a pie, make a pot of chili, and whip up some cornbread as well), which was Saturday evening. We had everything done and ready to roll 90 minutes before the party started. We thought we’d be “smart” and call a car to take us, our three boxes of stuff (costumes and food), and our two children to the church so we’d be there in time to enter our pie and chili into the contest. Well, long story short, we tried for 45 minutes to get a car without success and ended up walking to the train station with our stroller loaded up with boxes, Oliver on Micah’s back, me in heels (which I never wear), and sleet whipping our faces. We got there right at 5:00, had a great time, wowed everyone with our costumes, but didn’t win any awards. (Several people said we should have won something for our costumes, and I’m pretty sure my pie actually was the best one there — the judges didn’t pick it, but I know a couple of other unbiased people were shocked that it didn’t win, so I’m hanging on to the recipe for next year.)

And tonight we were ever so grateful for warmer temperatures and drier conditions than we had on Saturday. Oliver wore his costume like a champ. Simon made being an astronaut look as cool as it sounds. We trick-or-treated up and down one short street with some friends and that was enough for us. It was perfect. The best Halloween yet. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

ps Micah and I were mission control. Obviously. Someone has to keep the astronaut from stepping all over the moon, right?

7 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Those photos are so amazing, you guys are really incredible! And I’m very impressed that you managed to get all of that stuff to the church with a stroller!! :0) Fantastic job on the costumes, I wish I had half of your skill and creativity!

  2. I really love the costumes. I always feel silly telling you (repeatedly) how cool you guys are. But, aw heck, I’ll say it again, you guys are super creative and cool.
    :) there. I did it.

  3. What a fun post! How did you make Oliver’s costume? You don’t have to tell. Ü I just think you should know that it looks rad. All of you look amazing. I wish your pie had won, and I wish that I had been able to taste it.

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