party party!

party party!

Oliver is either really lucky or really unlucky to have a birthday the day after his dad’s. Or maybe Micah is the lucky/unlucky one? It will probably change a lot as he gets older and starts to care more about his birthday, so maybe it is too soon to be making broad statements like that. But it is not too soon to talk about how this was the second year in a row that Oliver has had the chance to make two birthday wishes on two different cakes. The first cake, of course, was the remnant of his father’s cake. Last year that was because he was sick on his birthday and I didn’t want to make him a cake that he couldn’t eat, but I did want him to be able to blow out candles on his birthday. (Mother’s are so weird like that.) (Or maybe it’s just me that is so weird like that.) And this year it was because we wanted to save his birthday cake for his party the next day.

Enough about that. I know what you are really interested in is the cake. At least that is what Oliver was interested in, and that is what I would be interested in as well. So here it is (Micah did the shaping, I did the baking and icing):

We decided to go with a “transportation” theme because, well, the boy is 2 and that is all he cares about. I think I had nine cars, two planes, and two train cars in my bag at church today because, well, Oliver put them there. They make him happy. And so for his birthday we gave him another car (because we’ve found that with two boys, you can never have too many cars), and also somewhere to put them. Within five minutes of him opening the garage, all three of the children present had shed tears over it (not necessarily of joy, but definitely not of disappointment either — we’ll just say that they should have installed three elevators on that thing).

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Oliver had a great day. Airplane cake and car stuff. What could be better? I hope we made his birthday wishes come true.

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  1. You guys are out of control. And I love it. Just be sure to tell me how to do cool stuff like this when I have kids!

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