happy birthday to micah

happy birthday to micah

If you squint really hard, you can see thin, dark-haired Micah in this light(er)-haired little chunk of a boy that he was 30+ years ago. I love this picture for so many reasons, but mostly because it is of Micah, and I love Micah. Happy Birthday, Love.

(I think you’ll agree that his mother is a whiz with a sewing machine as she made the pants he is wearing — we used the leftover fabric to make Simon’s backpack.)

5 thoughts on “happy birthday to micah

  1. Happy Birthday, Micah! That is an awesome picture. I like the background, just land, mountains, and a hint of civilization. I can’t believe the chub on those cheeks. The squinty eyes remind me of Oliver. And some day I hope to be able to slap together clothes like that with a sewing machine. I’ve never met your mom, Micah, but but from what I’ve heard she’s absolutely amazing.

  2. Hey Micah, happy birthday yesterday!!!!! I hope it was an awesome day. :0)

    That picture is hilarious, I never would’ve believed it was you!!

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