we ran another 5k

we ran another 5k

The first Saturday in October means, among other things, the Miles for Midwives 5K in Prospect Park. This was our 3rd year running it. Micah, again, pushed the stroller so that I could run my fastest — which, probably not coincidentally, was about the same as my time last year (20:50). Micah came in a few seconds later, and Simon was really upset that he didn’t get to cross the line first. Oh well, he’ll learn. He did run the kids race and despite all his talk about being the fastest ever and wanting to win, he was really happy just to run and didn’t seem to notice that he came in somewhere in the middle of the pack. Thank heavens for that. I don’t know of many people who race in flip-flops and hooded sweatshirts (especially with the hood on), so I think that he did pretty well for himself, all things considered.

I managed to snag a win, same as last year (I like small races that don’t attract really serious runners), but this year they gave out prize bags to the winners in addition to the medals. There was some cool stuff in there: lotion, make-up, coupons, etc. Definitely worth pushing myself up the hill to get some sparkly eyeshadow. Who knows if I’ll ever wear it, but at least I have it if I want it, right?

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