rainbows and snowflakes

rainbows and snowflakes

You may recall that Simon was dead set on having a rainbow birthday party this year. Micah was not as thrilled about it, but we did our best not to crush the boy’s hopes on his special day and all ended well. Simon even got a solar-powered rainbow-maker from his birthday buddy, whom he shared a party with. We stuck it in one of our windows where it sat for a few months and did nothing. And then we realized that there just wasn’t enough sunlight coming through that particular window. So we moved it to the boys room. And now every morning at around 11:00 we’re treated to rainbows and snowflakes as they dance around on the walls.

Who knew that his simple little birthday wish would be paying such delightful dividends nearly half a year later?

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  1. That’s awesome. I wish the one I’d had at school had worked as well. I should have left it up and seen if it worked better at a certain time of year or time of day. How fun!

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