tail machine

tail machine

Would you believe me if I said that the most exciting thing about Hurricane Sunday was that Micah and I got to spend some time making dress-ups for the boys? They were nothing fancy, of course. Just a couple of tails. Simon has been watching the Cat in the Hat lately (that’s where he got the “Moms are better than chocolate cake” quote — though I didn’t know that until after I posted it here) and the most recent inspiration from the show was that he needed tails from the tail machine. It sounded like a good idea, so after the boys went to bed on Saturday night we got to work.

Simon requested a monkey tail, a bird tail, and a rattlesnake tail. We did two of three this weekend. If anyone has any ideas for how to do a good rattlesnake tail, we’re all ears. We can’t seem to find anything around the house that would make a good rattle, but maybe we just need some different perspectives. In the meantime, please admire our handiwork. Don’t you wish you had one?

Oh, and it turns out that our heads are roughly the same size as Simon’s waist. So, if we wanted, we could wear a monkey tail headband. That discovery, made by Micah, was one of two times this weekend when I nearly laughed myself to tears. Good times, my friends, good times.

7 thoughts on “tail machine

  1. My boys love that episode as well. :) What a fun idea to make your own tails!

    As for the rattle snake tail….maybe a few beans or rice in a paper cup? It won’t sound exactly like a rattle, but it’d be close enough.

  2. I like that idea . . . beans in a cup, and then wrapped in fabric so it looks more like a rattle snake’s rattle. Thanks!

  3. I was thinking rice in ping pong balls that were wired together into a cone shape. You’d have to drill some holes though, and then figure out a way to seal them again once the rice and wire was in… But you two seem to have a knack for figuring out those kinds of problems.

  4. That’s so fun, I’m glad you guys made such good use of family time “stuck” indoors. :0) And I’m glad that you survived the hurricane with such ease!

  5. You guys are so creative! I’d love to see what you come up with and am looking forward to Halloween with the Heiselts next month. :)

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