a quake! a quake!

a quake! a quake!

We felt a little tremor a few minutes ago. The strings of balls we have running across our living room ceiling were swaying, the stroller that is mounted on the wall swayed too. I thought it might be our building showing signs of unsteadiness. (One of the apartments upstairs is being renovated and I thought it might have something to do with that.) But I checked my favorite news source, the Times, and they confirmed my suspicions. There was a tremor, and we felt it.

We haven’t been able to use our phones, but we are fine and feeling especially grateful that we spent yesterday and today restocking our 72-hour kits.

2 thoughts on “a quake! a quake!

  1. Wasn’t that the craziest thing?!! I remember once when we were in Brooklyn, our building started vibrating/shaking, and for a few seconds I thought it was a quake, but then it was too long and too consistent. That time, it was just construction a block away that was shaking our building a bit. So this time, I thought it was the same thing for a couple of seconds until I realized it really was a quake!

    It was interesting because I’ve always enjoyed earthquakes (I’ve never been in any really huge ones), but this one kind of freaked me out even though it was so small in PA. I’ve decided it was because this is my first earthquake with kids, and the thought of something falling on them was really upsetting. Thank goodness it was such a small one for us and that not much damage was done anywhere!!

  2. Way to be prepared. We talk way too much about our food storage, but haven’t done much of anything in the way of actually acquiring it. Glad it wasn’t anything too serious.

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