fireman pole

fireman pole

Simon’s newest love: the fireman’s pole. I’ve made the mistake of taking him to the nearest park simply because it is . . . the nearest park. I should clear it with him next time, unless I want to hear, for the next week, teary-eyed questions about why I didn’t take him to the park with the fireman’s pole (even if I have since rectified the situation).

Lucky for all of us, the boys has discovered a fireman’s pole in our very own apartment. Hallelujah and happy day! Let’s just hope he has moved on by the time they start firing up the boilers and that thing becomes a hot commodity. For real.

2 thoughts on “fireman pole

  1. How fun! You may have to devise a barrier come winter, but until then, I think it’s awesome that they have their own fireman’s pole! You are such a fun mom!

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